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MICHAEL ANTHONY PEROUTKA is a former Anne Arundel County Councilman.  Elected in 2014, he represented District Five and was elected Council Chairman in 2018. Michael graduated from Loyola College (now University) in Maryland in 1974 with a Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration.  In 1981, he graduated from the University of Baltimore, School of Law.  Following his admission to the bar, he briefly served in a legal capacity for the Department of Health and Human Services before partnering with his brother, Stephen, in the law firm of Peroutka & Peroutka, P.A. of Pasadena, Maryland.  After 27 years as a principal in the firm, Mr. Peroutka retired from private practice. 

In 2004, Michael Anthony Peroutka was the Constitution Party’s candidate for President of the United States of America.  He ran on a platform that sought to Honor God, Protect the Family, and Restore the Republic.  As co-founder of The Institute on the Constitution, a nation-wide program teaching the principles incorporated in the Declaration of Independence and the U. S. Constitution and the Maryland Constitution, Michael has taught and lectured in Maryland and across the country about law, liberty and government related topics. He has three grown children and lives with his wife, Natalie, in Millersville, Maryland.

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  • Trump-endorsed Dan Cox, Candidate for Governor of MD

    "I fully support Michael Anthony Peroutka and his candidacy for Attorney General of Maryland.

    Like me, Michael has stood against lockdowns, mandates, and violations of parental and medical rights. He has defended life and the right to self-defense. As Attorney General he will ensure voter integrity and border security. I look forward to working with him when I am elected Governor."

  • Sheriff Richard Mack (Ret)

    "I have supported many candidates for public office over the past few decades, but I have never done this for a more honorable candidate than I have for Michael Peroutka. Michael has never faltered or equivocated on the principles of Liberty that America was founded on. The People of Maryland now have the opportunity to take your State back to the basics, back to freedom, fairness, equality, and justice. Maryland can now say NO! to forced mandates and oppression and the lead the way to restoring American idealism. You can do this by rejecting the same 'ol empty and mindless politicians and elect a man who will serve all the people and protect your Civil Rights! Vote for Michael Peroutka MD Attorney General. He enters this race with one simple promise; FREEDOM!"

  • Larry Pratt, Former President: Gun Owners of America

    "If Michael Anthony Peroutka is elected as Maryland’s Attorney General, it would offer hope that “wokeness” has been abandoned in Maryland and that elected officials will be forced to obey the law like everyone else.

    Maryland needs to elect officials who demonstrate both a knowledge of constitutional principles and a commitment to promote and protect them.

    By his commitment to the right to life and to the right to self-defense Michael Anthony Peroutka has shown that he is qualified and willing to do this."

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Why I'm Running for Attorney General

A Letter From Michael:


For more than two years, a “health crises” has been used as an excuse to deny Marylanders the exercise of God-given, constitutionally protected rights; including the freedom to practice religion, freedom of assembly and association, freedom to make personal medical decisions, freedom to run a business, as well as the freedom to move about without molestation.

None of this has been lawful. 

For two long years, we have been abused, censored, and tyrannized by persons and entities who have misused positions of public trust to disparage our rights, deny our liberties, steal our substance, indoctrinate our children, invalidate our elections, eliminate our parental authority, deny our bodily autonomy, ruin our economy, terrorize our communities, destroy our defenses, repopulate our homeland, and reduce us to servitude.

The Constitution of the United States and the Constitution of Maryland are the supreme law of the State and contain numerous provisions designed to protect the people from these outrageous and notorious usurpations.

Regrettably, however, those who have taken an oath to defend the law have, in many cases, used the “color of law” to break the law.

For example, the Maryland Constitution provides that all lawmaking power is vested in our state legislature and further provides that the powers and authorities of one branch of government shall not be discharged by an official from a different branch.

And since lawmaking power is vested in the legislature, the Governor has no constitutional authority to make law.  Therefore, the edicts of a governor or a county executive (or a health department subordinate), whether they are characterized as mandates, orders, proclamations, or directives, are not law and cannot be lawfully enforced.

I am seeking the office of Attorney General of the State of Maryland because, like millions of Marylanders, I want these abuses of power and the violations of the liberties of Marylanders to cease.  And I want to ensure that they are never repeated!

I believe that Maryland needs an Attorney General who understands and is willing to faithfully discharge the responsibilities of that office pursuant to the Constitution of Maryland including the Maryland Declaration of Rights.

As a practicing Attorney for three decades and a student and teacher of both the Constitution of Maryland and of the United States for many years, I hope to use my experience to defend the liberties and to otherwise benefit the people of the “Free State”. 

Will you help us make the “Free State” free again?

Michael Anthony Peroutka

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