Peroutka Responds to Hogan's "Conspiracy Theorist" Accusations

Peroutka Responds to Hogan's "Conspiracy Theorist" Accusations

Just a few days ago the Maryland Board of Elections certified the results of the July 19th primary.

I am honored and humbled to be chosen the Republican nominee for Attorney General of Maryland and I want to thank the Republican voters of Maryland for placing their trust in me.

I also thank all those who worked diligently on and contributed to our campaign effort.

One person who did not seem so happy about our victory was outgoing Governor Larry Hogan who took the opportunity to denounce me as a “conspiracy theorist”.  Hogan reportedly based his criticism of me on remarks I made during a podcast back in 2006 about what I considered to be unanswered questions concerning the events surrounding the 9/11/2001 attacks on the World Trade Center.

Leaving aside the details of my questions regarding the official 9/11 report, I want to say something about conspiracies and about theories.

Does anyone really doubt that conspiracies actually do take place?

I mean “conspiracy” is actually a crime that is defined and punishable by law.  If conspiracies did not exist, why would we have a law that forbids them and punishes them?

And, if conspiracies are, by their nature, secret or hidden things, and if law enforcement authorities investigate conspiracies in order to discover and uncover them in order to apprehend the conspirators and punish them, then don’t they conduct their investigation on the basis of a theory of what the subject of the conspiracy is and a theory of who is involved?

So, aren’t conspiracies and theories about them quite natural, everyday things?

Doesn’t everybody, in the normal course of their lives, speculate about what happened and who was involved.  I know I do.

For example, I wonder whether Larry Hogan might have a political motive for criticizing me.  I wonder if he “conspired” with anyone else to do it.

But that’s just my theory…

This is Michael Anthony Peroutka Republican nominee for Attorney General, asking for your support and for your vote in November.

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