Peroutka on Vaccine Mandates

Peroutka on Vaccine Mandates

In August of last year, Larry Hogan announced that he would require employees in 48 different Maryland state facilities to be injected with an experimental gene therapy. If they refused, he said, they would be subject to strict mask requirements and frequent invasive testing.

Summarizing his tyrannical and treasonous policy, he blurted “Just get the damned vaccination!”

This was a paraphrase of his earlier policy when he curtly ordered Marylanders to “Just wear the damned mask!”

Sadly, and tragically, this is what now passes for public policy in Maryland -- and elsewhere.

“Just do what you are told.”

The Office of Governor is established by, and draws its authority and power from, the Constitution of Maryland and from nowhere else.
The Constitution of Maryland specifically declares that no plea of emergency can ever justify a violation of the liberties that it protects, including the right of the people to be “secure in their persons” and to make their own medical decisions.

Hogan’s contempt for the Constitution – the contractual document which both grants and limits his authority – is treasonous and dangerous.

Even more dangerous and disappointing is the almost complete lack of response by the members of the General Assembly who didn’t display the political will nor the courage to articulate a defense of the constitution.

They have allowed their constituents to be violated and abused, and in some cases killed by the reckless and ruthless dictates of a governor who explains lawless policies with thuggish phrases like:

“Just wear the damned mask” and “Just get the damned vaccination.”

All lawmakers and all law enforcers and all citizens should send this message to Hogan and his cronies and commissars:

“Just follow the ________ Constitution!”

You can send this message by voting for Michael Anthony Peroutka for Attorney General in November, and by donating to my campaign now.

Thank you.

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