Peroutka Claims MD Law Schools Don't Teach Law

In the Declaration of Independence, one of the “self-evident truths” relied upon by Thomas Jefferson is that legitimate governments must always operate by the “consent of the governed.”

The Maryland Constitution is the supreme law of the State. It is the vehicle by which the “consent of the governed” is expressed in the form of contract. Simply put, if the actions of government officials are consistent with the constitution, then they can be said to have the consent of the people. But, if those officials act outside constitutional limits, then they do not have the people’s consent and are breaking the law.

So, knowledge of the Constitution is critical to the health and welfare of our State.

Which brings me to law schools.

Now, you may know that there are two law schools in Maryland. And that every graduate swears an oath to defend the Maryland Constitution. But did you know that neither of these law schools offers a course of study on the Maryland Constitution?

Hard to believe…

And the results are tragic. For example, for more than two years, the Maryland Governor and many other office holders have repeatedly and notoriously violated the law by declaring and enforcing unlawful lockdowns, mandates, business seizures, church closures, etc.

None of these edicts or orders are allowable under our Maryland Constitution. Regrettably, however, since few Marylanders (or their attorneys) know the law, few have been able to articulate and defend their God-given rights.

Well, that’s about to change.

When you elect me as Attorney General of Maryland, I will uphold my oath of office by defending your constitutional right to speak, to publish, to worship, to make your own medical decisions, to keep and bear arms and to oversee and direct the education of your children.

My fidelity will be to the Constitution of Maryland. Unlike most office holders and office seekers, I am familiar with its provisions and the American principles on which they are based.

My loyalty is to the citizens of Maryland. Not to the CDC nor the WHO, nor the World Economic Forum, nor any elected or selected bureaucrat.
I will use the influence of the office to encourage and support the revival of legal education that is based on the principles of liberty that are reflected in the documents of our founding.

Law schools – and all schools – should teach and promote the true American view of law and government that can be summarized like this:
There is a God. Our rights come from Him. The purpose of government is to protect God-given rights.

The government has no authority to protect your health. It’s supposed to protect your liberty so that you can protect your health.

This is Michael Anthony Peroutka, Republican candidate for Attorney General of Maryland, asking for your vote on November 8th and for your support right now.

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