Peroutka on Big Government Overreach

Peroutka on Big Government Overreach

These days we hear a lot of complaining about “government

Many say that government has “gone too far” with their
lockdowns and their mandates. They’ve gone “over the line”
when they compel us to wear masks or undergo medical

While I agree with the sentiment, I have a concern about this
type of argument... Let me explain.

If you say that a governor, went “too far” when he ordered
your restaurant to operate at 50% capacity…

Or that he “overreached” by ordering members of your church
choir to sing with a mask on…

…aren’t you validating the false idea that he had any authority
in the matter at all?

Consider. If someone breaks into your home and steals your
TV, would you say that he “overreached” when he took your
computer as well?

You see, our State and our federal constitutions make it clear
that no governor, or any bureaucrat has authority to make law,
or to declare that any order or edict has the “force” of law.

And any attempt, by any branch of government, to enact or
enforce anything that violates the divinely given and constitutionally protected right of the people to worship, to assemble, to conduct business, to make their own medical decisions, is worse than a nullity.

No one, under any circumstance, has the authority to violate
the constitution. There is no covid exception to this. There’s
no emergency exception to this. There’s no exception to this at all.

When government officials reach where they have no right to
reach, or go where they have no right to go, it’s not “overreach.”

It’s a crime. And it must be prosecuted.

If you elect me Attorney General, I will do that.

This is Michael Anthony Peroutka, Republican nominee for Attorney General of Maryland, asking for your vote in November and your financial support right now.

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