Peroutka Responds to Goucher College Poll, September 2022


Attorney General Candidate Michael Peroutka Responds to Goucher College Poll, September 2022


Millersville, Maryland: The current Goucher College poll states, “53 percent of those surveyed said they would vote for Democratic candidate Anthony Brown, compared to 31 percent for Republican candidate Michael Peroutka.  15 percent are undecided.”

The decisive results of the primary election demonstrate that Maryland Republicans are dissatisfied with their current leadership.  Republicans are clearly rejecting unconstitutional lockdowns, mandates, and vaccination policies that violate their God-given rights to assemble, to worship, to run a business, to raise their children, and to have fair and valid elections. 

They are also rejecting the “conventional wisdom” that says the way to defeat the leftists, globalists, and liberals, is to be just like them.  Republicans want something decidedly different.  And so do many Democrats.  Peroutka offers that something different that the people want. 

The Goucher poll continues, stating that “64 percent said the economy was the most important issue to them, followed by crime and public safety at 62 percent and public schools and education at 60 percent.”

But Marylanders have indicated that they want the economy to thrive by keeping their businesses open.  They are fed up not just with the crime in the streets, but also with the crime in their own government.  They want to return the great state of Maryland to the rule of law.  The hard-working citizens of Maryland will no longer tolerate closures. They want the schools promoting reading and math, not sexual deviancy.  

The Democrat candidate for Attorney General has spent more than a decade in public office.  How’s that working out for you, Maryland?

The people of Maryland look forward to a Peroutka victory in November.  

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