Peroutka's Response to the Washington Post

Recently Michael Peroutka was approached by the Washington Post regarding an endorsement. See Peroutka's principled response below:


Mr. Lee Hockstader

Editorial Board

Washington Post


Dear Mr. Hockstader:

Thank you for your recent communication with my campaign for Attorney General of Maryland in which you indicated a desire to speak with me regarding your upcoming endorsement of candidates in statewide races.

Please know that while I am grateful for your interest in my views and vision for carrying out the constitutional duties of this important office, I want to make clear that I do not seek the endorsement of the Washington Post.

Intending no disrespect nor offense, I am not convinced that your endorsement, should you decide to provide it, would be helpful to my campaign.

Regrettably, the reputation of The Washington Post for objectivity and journalistic integrity is not generally an honorable one.  Among many, The Washington Post is seen as overtly biased and therefore unreliable as a source of news or opinion.

Significant details about my positions on critical issues are available at


My very best wishes,

Michael Anthony Peroutka

Republican candidate for Attorney General of Maryland

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