Peroutka's Stance on Abortion

Peroutka's Stance on Abortion

You may not realize that the Supreme Court opinion in the case of Roe v Wade is not, and never has been, “law.”

Simply stated, this is because courts, including the Supreme Court of the United States, have no constitutional authority to make law. (See Article I, Section 1 of the Constitution of the United States.)

Consequently, the overturning of this decision has never been necessary since the various state laws which punished the crime of abortion have always been capable of enforcement. The fact that they have not been enforced is a tragedy of ignorance on the part of most Americans. That ignorance has resulted in the murder of sixty million innocent children.
Currently, the anticipated overturn of the Supreme Court Opinion in Roe v Wade is problematic because the citizenry has been indoctrinated to believe that the decision to criminalize or to decriminalize abortion is now in the hands of state legislatures.

It is not. Here is why…

The philosophy of American government as expressed in the Declaration of Independence provides that human rights are inalienable because they have a divine origin. So, if God, not the state, is the Source of rights then the state cannot grant anyone a right to do what God says is wrong.
And since God says abortion is wrong, no enactment by a state or by the United States can make it right, nor declare it to be “a right.”

Furthermore, inasmuch as “murder” is defined as the unlawful premeditated killing of one human being by another, and since abortion is not lawful for the reasons stated above, then abortion constitutes murder and is forbidden by law.

Pursuant to Article II, Section 9, of the Constitution of Maryland, the Governor of Maryland has an affirmative duty to “take care that the laws are faithfully executed.”

So, for the governor to allow babies to be murdered is to fail to “take care that the laws be faithfully executed” and is to be complicit in the crime of murder.

The Attorney General pursuant to Article V, Section 3, of the Maryland Constitution, may investigate, commence, and prosecute violations of the law.

If elected as Attorney General, I will use the lawful authority of that office to stop the slaughter of innocent children in Maryland.

In his famous pamphlet “Common Sense”, Thomas Paine wrote “A long habit of not thinking a thing wrong gives it a superficial appearance of being right.”

Regrettably, in Maryland we have a long habit of not thinking abortion to be against the law. But it is.

This is Michael Anthony Peroutka, Republican candidate for Attorney General asking for your vote and your financial support.

By authority of Patriots for Michael Anthony Peroutka, Louis Reeder, Treasurer.

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