Peroutka Declares AG Race is About Liberty

Peroutka Declares AG Race is About Liberty

The nomination of Delegate Dan Cox as the Republican candidate for Governor of Maryland is a significant event.

The victory of Dan Cox over outgoing Governor Larry Hogan’s hand-picked successor is strong evidence that Maryland Republicans are, to say the least, dissatisfied with Hogan and with the republican establishment.

This didn’t stop Hogan from denouncing Cox and from announcing that he would not support Cox despite the strong approval of Republican voters.

This also didn’t stop Hogan from taking a swipe at me – calling me a conspiracy theorist -- even though my victory in the Attorney General contest was by a decisive margin. 

So much for party unity.

But that’s understandable. And it’s alright.

I say this because I believe this election is about liberty and the restoration of constitutional government in Maryland.

The gross, notorious violation of the rights of Maryland citizens to assemble, to worship, to run a business, to make their own medical decisions, to actually (not “virtually”) participate in self-government must be restored and must never again be unlawfully – criminally – suspended or denied.

I am committed to this goal.

At Article One, Section 11, the Constitution of Maryland provides penalties for those who have violated their sworn oath to defend the rights of the inhabitants of Maryland.

As Attorney General I will rely on this and other Constitutional provisions to bring to justice those who have violated their oath of office.  

The lawlessness and lack of safety and order in our culture and on our streets is promoted and protected by those in positions of trust whose allegiance is not to constitutional fidelity or the preservation of liberty but, rather is to foreign governments and unelected agencies such as CDC or WHO.

This election is about liberty.

Our slogan is:

Liberty Forever, Mandates Never.

This is Michael Anthony Peroutka, Republican Nominee for Attorney General, humbly asking for support and for your vote in November.

Thank you.


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