Peroutka on Red Flag Laws

Peroutka on Red Flag Laws

Just last month, the Supreme Court ruled that warrantless gun confiscation from Americans' homes is unconstitutional, voting unanimously on the side of a Rhode Island man whose firearms were taken by law enforcement without a warrant, after his wife expressed concerns that he might hurt himself.

Despite this Supreme Court Ruling and despite the clear language of the Second Amendment to the U. S. Constitution that the right of the people to “Keep and bear arms shall not be infringed”, Joe Biden’s Department of Justice on Monday issued model legislation designed to encourage states to craft their own "extreme risk protection orders," commonly referred to as red flag laws, as part of the Biden administration's ongoing effort to disarm the American people.

As you probably know, for more than three years Maryland law enforcement officials have been using a red flag enactment by the Maryland legislature to violate the 2nd and 4th Amendment rights of Marylanders.

If you elect me as your next Attorney General, I will not only not enforce this unconstitutional enactment in Maryland, I will investigate and seek indictments against any government agent or agency that attempts to do so.

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