• Trump-endorsed Dan Cox, Candidate for Governor of MD

    "I fully support Michael Anthony Peroutka and his candidacy for Attorney General of Maryland.

    Like me, Michael has stood against lockdowns, mandates, and violations of parental and medical rights. He has defended life and the right to self-defense. As Attorney General he will ensure voter integrity and border security. I look forward to working with him when I am elected Governor."

  • Sheriff Richard Mack (Ret)

    "To The People Of Maryland:

    What an amazing opportunity you have to reverse the abuse and oppression of current corrupt politicians. It is time to restore Civil Rights and individual Liberty. Freedom cannotbe restored if we continue to elect or re-elect the same old empty promisesthat have gotten us nowhere. Your opportunity to turn all of this around lies with a man you can trust and depend on to be honest and fair with Maryland's justice. He is running for Attorney General and he has the guts to stand for what's right. His name is Michael AnthonyPeroutka and if you truly get to know him, you will vote for him. He is a man of honor.Turn Maryland around. Vote for Michael Anthony Peroutka for Attorney General."

  • Larry Pratt, Former President: Gun Owners of America

    "If Michael Anthony Peroutka is elected as Maryland’s Attorney General, it would offer hope that “wokeness” has been abandoned in Maryland and that elected officials will be forced to obey the law like everyone else.

    Maryland needs to elect officials who demonstrate both a knowledge of constitutional principles and a commitment to promote and protect them.

    By his commitment to the right to life and to the right to self-defense Michael Anthony Peroutka has shown that he is qualified and willing to do this."

  • Andy Kuhl, Candidate for Sheriff

    "Michael Anthony Peroutka is a fellow of the Constitution. The Law is very simple (if you read it) and it is NOT to be abridged. His simple points of education in what we, as the American People have forgotten, resonates more today than ever.

    Mike is a guy that has and will support the Republic. I am looking forward to working with him in the future on holding persons accountable for their crimes. Mike has my full support and endorsement. God Bless."

  • Gordana Schifanelli, Esq Lt. Governor Candidate

    “I am happy to endorse the champion of Maryland Declaration of Rights, the long standing advocate for law and order and the founder of the Institute for Constitution and my fellow attorney, Michael Anthony Peroutka. Maryland needs Attorney General who will be the advocate for the people and one who will secure their constitutional rights which have eroded over time. Our cities need law and order. Our families need security. Our citizens need government accountability. Mike will serve the people of Maryland with integrity and unwavering commitment to Maryland Declaration of Rights.”

  • Dale E. Linvingston

    "Good morning. I attended the Candidate Forum at the Barrel House on Tuesday. I had never heard you speak before - I must say you rocked the house!!! It was impressive. Since then I have read about you and see that you are interested and concerned about restoring election integrity. I applaud your drive to fix this in our State, in our Country! And we in Harford County will do everything we can to help you do just that! I look forward to Election Day and seeing Michael Peroukta elected as our Attorney General of Maryland!"

  • Michele Speakman, President of the District 32 Republican Club and Republican Candidate for Maryland House of Delegates in District 32

    I’ve known Michael for years starting the year we served together on the Anne Arundel County Republican Central Committee. Michael’s love of God, the Constitution, and the United States of America is unmatched. I have full confidence that Michael will hold true to his oath as Attorney General of Maryland and that he will serve Maryland well.